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What Manner of Love is This?

This post is a must read! PLEASE, PLEASE, READ!!!

Have you ever had someone that loved you so much even though you don't show the same love in return? You say you love them, but your action indicates differently. He allow you to make decisions for yourself even though He knows there're not good for you. He NEVER turns His back on you. You know He's there because in your bad decision making and action you can feel His presence from a distance because somehow you kept escaping. He sends someone with an escape plan of rescue. Somehow when things should have turned for the worse, there was GRACE. And when it gets so bad, He comes and rescues you with no judgment, just love and compassion. His love cleanses you from the inside out. Then He begin assure you that his love for you has never changed and what He promised you are still for you.

After all that He shows His love by trusting you with His dreams, and promises He planned for your life — this type of love you want to be consumed by. You want to be in the presence of it every chance you get. You want to live perfect for it even though you're not you want to be. ( in His eye you are fearfully and wonderfully made) Psalm 139:14 You want Him to be pleased with your thoughts, lifestyle, and decision making. You want to please Him in everything you do. You cherish the gifts, talents, and His purpose for your life. You're excited and overwhelmed with joy for His plans for your life. But His love is so GREAT if He NEVER did anything else He's already done enough! This Love I found in Christ Jesus!! My SAVIOR! He'll Never leave YOU or forsake YOU!! Don't give up; fight a good fight of faith. God is love

Have a bless day!

Food for Thought:

Just imagine for one second not having Jesus Christ grace and mercy with you everyday? When I think about the many decisions, I made that did me harm and not good. But God's grace and mercy was there to get me though. There's always away of escape. God's plans are always better than mine. What the enemy meant for bad God always made it work for my good. That same Jesus loves you. There is nothing you can do that God would turn His back on you. He stands at the door of your heart with His hand open wide. So if you don't know him or like to reconnect with Him Just open your mouth and let him know how much you need him in your life. Connect with a good bible teaching church and watch your life change for the good.


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