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God's Thoughts Toward Us! Psalm 139

This morning, as I spent time with my Lord in His word, I heard Him say concerning me. Psalm 139. Daughter, I know you in and out, I know when you're up, and I know when you're down. I know you better than you know yourself; I understand who you are, even your thoughts. No matter how far you are from me. I have placed my hand upon you, and my plans for your life have already been established, and no one can detour them. Daughter, in your highest imagination, you can't understand what I have planned for your life. There is no place in this world you can escape me; I am always with you. On your happiest days, I'm with you. And in your darkest time, I'm with you. Daughter, my spirit is always with you, even unto death. My hand will lead you when you're going the wrong way.

I will not let you fall and not help you up. I am here to pick you up. So, don't worry, I got you now and forever. My plans for you a great. My success rate is a 100% guarantee. I can not fail. And in me, you won't fail. Even in your darkest times, I can see the greatest in you. I see you through my Father's eyes. See, daughter, I knew you in your mother's womb. And you, you're wonderful and fearful, made so the inner parts of you I know them too. See, I wrote the plans for your life before you ever took shape. Therefore put your trust in me; I will not fail you. If you fail, I fail, and that, my dear, is impossible!

Food for Thought:

In Psalm 139, God's plans for our lives have been established before the foundation of the world, and His plans for us are good. The enemy will try to devour them but, in Christ, you will rise above him. Fear not even when it looks impossible because God is with you and He wont to leave you, even when you go the other way. His hand is there to turn you around. Just call on His name JESUS! There, nothing you can do in this world that He would turn away. Today, my prayer is you would put your faith in God and trust Him wholeheartedly with your life Because His plans for you are all GOOD!


God's Love

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