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Life After Divorce 

Welcome to Life After Divorce,

Life after the divorce was created to provide support to those who may be considering separation or divorce. As well as married couples to provide their wisdom and encouragement or advice to help others through what's already deemed to be a challenging time in one's life.


To allow you to share your story and testimonies. People need to know that divorce does not define who you are or ends God's purpose for your life. God still has great plans for your life. Please let's be clear this is not a group site for hookups for dating. This group is a safe platform to provide support for each other.




However, we do welcome singles and engaged members, we believe that everyone will benefit from the knowledge that's a share in this group.

A Personal Mentor and Life Coach for Those Dealing with Life After Divorce


Life after divorce can be challenging. When you’ve built a family with someone, it can be hard to just start over without them and to make sense of the world on your own. My name is Debra Ann Harvey Johnson and I’m a personal mentor and life coach who is offering my services to those who are currently dealing with life after divorce, or those who are considering it and need advice or encouragement on how to go get through it smoothly and amicably. It’s never easy when you realize that the person you’ve built a life with isn’t right for you anymore. As we grow, we all change and learn new things about ourselves. If you and your partner have grown apart and it’s no longer healthy for you to be in a relationship, it may be time for a separation or divorce.


I offer a place for those to share their story and what they’ve been through. This is not a dating site, but rather a safe space for people to come together and help each other heal and overcome pain. Everyone is welcomed to join – including married couples who are not divorced or separated but want to learn how to strengthen their bond.


Everyone can benefit from the knowledge that we provide in this group and I welcome anyone who wants to listen. If you are in search of a personal mentor and life coach who can give your practical advice and feedback on how to rebuild your marriage or cope with separation, come see me at Healing from the Inside Out. God has sent me on a mission to help those in need and I am always available to take on new members.


Fill out the contact form on my website to get in touch or feel free to contact me directly by phone or email with any questions.

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