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Happy Senior Couple

Words of Encouragement 

Cordell Thomas
Life After Divorce

Marriage is something you have to work at everyday, no one is a expert and have all the answers, we learn from mistakes and move on.


I’m man enough and strong enough to admit when I’m wrong, and caring and loving enough not to criticize her when she’s wrong.

For it to be love it must be always looking to move forward and never backward. 


Will power has limitations, it can only get you so far. It takes the spirit of God to overthrow some obstacles in your way. 


Never run back to whatever broke you.

Sometimes we wait for healing words to come from others, but we have the authority to speak into our own life what God says about who we are.


Your own words can start the healing or it can keep you in bondage. Speak over your own life before trying to speak into someone else’s.

Cheating is never a mistake, it’s a thought out choice you decided to do, you have to own it in order to move forward from it.


Being totally healed from pass relationships helps in the growth of your new relationship.

Totally letting go of past relationships is a must if you plan on moving forward and growing in another relationship.


Don’t treat him like a KING until he can provide a RING. A ring is necessary to be treated with royalty period.

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