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Child and Family Behavioral Mentor


Hello and Welcome, my name is Debra Ann Thomas. I am a Child and Family Behavioral Mentor and Coach. I created a mentorship program that's designed to help children overcome the barriers opposing challenges of growing up.  Many children need a strong role model to show them how to cope with the ups and downs of growing. Too many kids fall into the trap of seeking instantaneous gratification in activities that won’t actually benefit them down the road because they don’t have a solid coach or mentor.


Many parents are preoccupied with providing the day - to -day essentials and simply don’t understand development stage needs of their children or helping them developing healthy skills and habits. Kids can be  a challenge especially when dealing with peer pressure, so it’s understandable if you’re in need  of assistant with your son or daughter on how to cope with their cognitive behavioral. That’s exactly why I offer my services as a child behavioral coach – to help families in need develop structure in their lives.


But I don’t just work with children. I’m also offering my services as a family behavior coach to help you and your children overcome any considers that occur in the home. I can’t be an effective behavior coach if your child is learning new strategies and tools and With extending my services to the whole family.  Sometimes it’s necessary to get the whole family involved and foster an environment that is positive and encouraging.


My goal as a behavior coach is not to criticize your parenting skills, but to help you fill in the gaps where you are desiring more knowledge to improve your child’s outlook and behavior.

When you become a parent, they don’t hand you a manual with everything you need to know. It’s a constant process of learning and re-evaluating and it takes time and effort to master. I’m offering my services as a family behavior coach to help give parents the perspective of an educator and mentor who has studied child development for years. 

With so much chaos and confusion in the world, it’s not surprising if your child has challenges with behavioral and cognitive development. But with the right mentorship and guidance, there is nothing your child can’t achieve. I will create a plan  that includes strategies and assignments that address  behavioral, social, and emotional factors that are inhibiting your child’s learning, insight and guidance to help them overcome these barriers. 

My mentorship program include:

  • I will teach your family how to overcome behavioral, social, 

or emotional problems affecting their learning. I will provide one-to-one zoom training classes basis on your child’s needs and age.


  • We will borrow ideas or curricula from related fields and disciplines when developing mentoring interventions designed to address specific child’s challenges or behaviors. 

  • We will provide your child with cognitive-behavioral skills. 

  • Use an approach that tailored to mentor relationships for your child.

  • Provide support and tools for cognitive–Behavioral Intervention for Children with Emotional and Behavioral. 

  • We offer support, encouragement, and fun activities that promote self-esteem.


  • We also assist children with their problem-solving skills.

If you’ve been looking for a behavior coach who will develop strategies and lessons based on the latest techniques in the field of child cognitive development and behavioral modification, please feel to fill out my contact form below, I'll get back to within the next 1 business day.

Because YOU matter!






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