Inspirational Life Coach


Self-healing is more important now than ever. My name is Debra Ann Harvey Johnson and I’m here to provide spiritual guidance and life coaching to those in need. This is a confusing time and stress and anxiety are only natural. But you can change your mood and outlook just by making a few simple adjustments to your behavior and your relationship with a higher power.


I know God has sent me on a mission to provide spiritual guidance and use prayer in healing to help those who feel lost and confused. Life can often test us in ways that are hard to understand. But when you put it in greater context to see it as the beginning of a new chapter in your life, you can start to make sense of the negative or traumatic experiences you’ve been through. Self-healing is the first step to taking your life back and discovering God’s plan for you. Everyone on earth has a purpose – some of us just don’t know what that purpose is yet.


My purpose is to be a life coach to those in need and help them discover what it is that God put them on earth to do. We all go through painful experiences, but these are the experiences that make us who we are. Self-healing is all about learning to accept what we can’t control and to love ourselves unconditionally. God has a plan for everyone and although you may face obstacles in your path, you should never let that discourage you from your mission. When you need a life coach to help guide you through life’s trials and tribulations to help you better understand yourself and the mission that God has sent you on, give me a call.


If you are in search of a dedicated life coach who uses prayer in healing to help clients overcome stress and trauma, come see me. No matter what you’ve been through, I can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Self-healing is different for everyone and I am happy to work with you at a pace you find comfortable.


Some of the spiritual services I offer include:

  • Child Behavioral Mentorship

  • Family Behavioral Mentorship

  • Life After Divorce

  • Inspirational Mentorship

  • Behavior Mentorship

  • Inspirational Words

  • Prayer Request


I may not be a rich celebrity, but I know that God has sent me on a mission to help others. I want to spread the word of all that I’ve learned on my own journey and help others discover their joy and purpose. Give me a call today if you need a life coach who is dedicated to helping others overcome trauma and learn to live happier, more meaningful lives.