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Tropical Leaves

“ There are not enough words to describe how the tools that Ms Debra has given my son has impacted not only his life but also our family’s life! My son wasn’t a “bad” child, but was struggling with some issues and needed some techniques that could guide him with being successful! The steps that Ms Debra set for him allowed for us as a family to help him help himself! With her guidance he began to think through his next steps. He began to think through the good and the bad of his choices. He began to figure out who HE WAS! I would highly recommend this to anyone” 

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


"Having a child who is extremely smart and energetic is sure to keep your life exciting, and full of adventure, as well as present some challenges when trying to get them to focus for school work. Debra Thomas masterfully provided us with skills and tools to help assist us with Homeschooling our little one. Not only has she(our daughter ) been able to excel academically but she is well above her age group socially. Which gives her language to communicate  her needs, understand behavior expectations and adjust when necessary. Having Debra as our behavioral coach not only taught our daughter but it helped us as parents become better communicators as well"

Tropical Leaves


“Mrs. Debra has truly blessed my daughter and our entire family with the endless tools, and strategies that she gave through the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God and what she is called to do. She is fully equipped with wisdom and techniques that are key for what the situation entails. Beginning with our first few sessions we already saw a huge difference in our child’s behavior. She helped get to the root of the problem and had a solution for the greatest outcome. Not only did these sessions help with my daughters behavior but my daughter is more understanding of her emotions and confident in her own decision making. 

The tools that were provided by Mrs. Debra has definitely transformed our perspective on parenting and has altered our parenting style. I definitely recommend her for parents who are seeking questions, and who are looking for help for your child needs"



"Debra Thomas is a brilliant professional with unique insight and wisdom. Her sense of understanding and her ability to pull positive nuggets out of a situation and circumstance to bring about a resolve is awesome. The tools and techniques she employ serves the customer with excellent while  bringing the situation into a state of healing and wholeness. I highly recommend her services as you will receive more than you can imagine from a passionate, loving kind “family” member. You will feel the love and experience life on a whole different level after your encounters with Debra Thomas"

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