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Meet the face behind the posts

Hello to all,

My name is Debra Ann Thomas.

I am excited to share the "Healing From the Inside Out God is My Medicine blog."

Every word written inspired by God in my life and my personal experiences. I'm not claiming to be a household name or related to a famous person. However, I will say I have a calling on my life by God that I have willingly accepted.
God has anointed me to walk with authority and gifted me to share my truths.  My gift is to motivate people to change the way they see themselves, react to life, and challenge them to process their thoughts to think outside the box. God says he'll make room for your gifts. Therefore, it would only make sense to think big and dream big.  We serve a God that owns cattle on a thousand hills. My life is evidence that God is a deliver and healer.
My prayer is as you read each blog you would connect your own experiences find hope for your future. You would take something from each blog and dare to believe God for your healing and deliverance.
You will begin to see yourself through the eyes of God. Secondly to inspire you, encourage you, challenge you, and empower you to walk in your freedom and purpose in your life. I have provided additional resources as support for your journey.
Each blog has been inspired by my journey of overcoming the power of God. I will pray for each prayer requires and stand in agreement with you. May the power of God be manifested in your life.

God’s love  DAT


A Few Words About Me

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